Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lauren Camp serves up "Audio Saucepan"

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Why am I showing you a picture of stir-fry?
Today I am going to direct you to the blogspot of my friend, poet and fiber artist Lauren Camp who will be one of the creative individuals featured in our New Mexico documentary from the Creative-Native Project series. We hope to have funds raised and begin filming next year. Lauren wrote an incredible poem called "Rock" which is as she says is also very challenging to read and you will see why. Her husband David said "How are you going to read this poem?" Well put a challenge before Lauren and expect results. This just spurred her on as a creative challenge and she went to the studios at KSFR and recorded herself reading it wonderfully. Never even hint to a true artist that they can't do something. But David knows that too as he is a fine woodworker, editor, graphic designer and now has reinvented himself as a book keeper. And by the way if you are looking for a book keeper he is meticulous....
Most of us are working on reinventing ourselves in some way during these challenging times. I know in myself it has helped me to discover and hone skills I never knew I had as co-producer, on camera personality, researcher in the Creative-Native Project series while I continue creating my trees and installations in the studio.
So back to Lauren......
"Audio Saucepan" which I believe has just received syndication is a wonderfully innovative one hour radio show on KSFR  Her show airs on Sunday nights at 5pm mountain time, 6pm central time, 7pm eastern standard etc
You can listen to live streaming if you are out of the KSFR listening area and I highly recommend it.
Lauren really mixes it up with unique juxtapositions of music and poetry. And if you think you may not be a fan of poetry believe me this is radio experience as you have never heard it before so try it!
And the other fun thing is you can go to her blog and get a taste of the show to come as well as lots of interesting content about writing etc. This week's radio show is the Mouthful of Mousse Episode, now how can you resist that???!!   Lauren's blog......

Sidemen, 2001, mixed media on layered fabric 61" x 60"
Copyright Lauren Camp

This is from her 'Fabric of Jazz' series that has travelled to various venues extensively.

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