Saturday, May 7, 2011

Katherine Liontas Warren and Jack Bryan immortilize the Wichita Mountains

What a great day. Katherine Liontas Warren, art educator and artist at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma took us into the Wichita Mountains with her good friend and former department chair, now retired named Jack Bryan who is also a very fine artist. They both have totally different styles of working as you will hear when we finish our documentary. They also enjoy the inspiration of the Wichita Mountains, a place dear to both of their hearts. Altho there is a drought the varied rock formations were covered with bright and varied lichens.

Here we are wending our way between some huge boulders on top of a pile of other large rocks and boulders to find a shady little crevice with incredible views looking down on the vista of the valley and a herd of buffalo. 

We set up for my interview with Katherine.
Looking down on the herd of buffalo from our rock bluff....

Bob gets set up to shoot my interview with Katherine.

Bob dresses my  lav mike for the interview.
lavalier microphone or lavalier (or lav or lapel mic) is a small electret or dynamic microphone used for television, theatre, and public speaking applications, in order to allow hands-free operation. They are most commonly provided with small clips for attaching to collars, ties, or other clothing. The cord may be hidden by clothes and either run to a radio frequency transmitter in a pocket or clipped to a belt (for mobile work), or directly to the mixer (for stationary applications).These miniature microphones are often supplied with a choice of push-on grilles of differing lengths that provide gentle high-frequency boost by forming a resonant cavity. A peak of approximately 6 dB at 6-8 kHz is considered beneficial for compensating loss of clarity when chest-mounted, and a peak of a few decibels at 10–15 kHz when mounted in the hair above the forehead. This method of boosting high frequencies does not worsen noise performance, as electronic equalization would do.

Katherine sets up to draw in a mossy spot and gets ready to be interviewed. It is already very hot in the sun in the Wichita Mountains so shade is a necessity.Come back tomorrow for lots more....we are off to Jack Bryan's with Katherine and her husband for some drinks, relaxation and conversation after a long hot day of shooting. 

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