Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Step Forward

Yesterday we signed papers with Earthcare International based here in Santa Fe for them to act as our fiscal sponsor for us to go after grant monies in New Mexico. We need a 501c3 New Mexico non-profit organization to act as a conduit for the money we raise to do our Creative-Native Project in New Mexico. To read more about Earthcare go to
In their words:
Earth Care is a leader in advocating for young people’s voices and contributions in decision-making about our community’s future. With young people, we are ensuring that communities develop in harmony with the natural world and local cultures.
Earth Care’s framework and set of programs are based on a decade of work with young people, schools, and communities in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. While the principles of our work are universal, we are informed and formed by the unique assets and challenges of this diverse southwest high desert community.
Earth Care offers youth leadership institutes; civic engagement and advocacy opportunities for youth; service-learning projects; professional development and educational materials for teachers; consulting services in sustainability education to K-12 schools; an annual Resource Guide; urban agriculture programs; and training and internship placements for young professionals.
Earth Care’s work has been recognized by numerous organizations including Leadership Santa Fe, E-Town, and NM Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Others who have endorsed our work include Peter Senge, Paul Hawken, Michael Meade and most importantly, the many local young people who stay involved with Earth Care and sustainability efforts for many years.
Earth Care was cofounded in 2001 by Taylor and Christina Selby, young social entrepreneurs themselves at the time. It is located on the southwest side of Santa Fe.
Earth Care’s websites offer resources for sustainable living and educating for youth, teachers, and community members at large, including essays by leading writers and experts published in past and current issues of the Sustainable Santa Fe Guide, educational guides and materials, and inspiring stories of youth, schools, communities and organizations across New Mexico and the world that are engaged in this vital work.

We appreciate their willingness to work with us and feel that their mission is a good fit with ours while being different enough to make us compatible for our New Mexico project.  There is much more about the variety of projects Earthcare is involved in on their website and they also publish Sustainable Santa Fe which those of you who live in Santa Fe will have seen all over town. It contains extensive information on all aspects of sustainability around New Mexico and  especially Santa Fe.

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