Friday, March 23, 2012

Premiere Extraordinaire

Co-producers Bob and Fran at the Q and A afterwards

Our premiere of the "Earth Chronicles Project, The Artist's Process: Oklahoma" was a huge success with the audience coming from as far away as Texas and even a curator who was in town from LA. It was also very fun to see so many of the people we interviewed at the premiere. The projection in Sarkeys Performing Arts Center at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art was excellent. Bob and I did a Q and A afterwards with a reception before and after the airing of the film. DVD copies of the documentary can be obtained through the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art for $19.95 by calling them at 405-878-5300 or by visiting this wonderful museum in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The proceeds from the sales of the DVD help to support the continuation of our project across the United States and also benefit the museum who sponsored our Oklahoma documentary and upcoming exhibit September 15- October 28, 2012.
To see a list of the people and places in Oklahoma we visited you can also go to as well as previous blogposts.

At the reception, note the cowboy hats from Chahta Isuba Ranch and Fossil River Preserve.
These are the people who are working hard to save the Choctaw ponies.

a great spread and some of you may recognize yourselves

We felt honored that some people drove all the way from Texas as well as all across the state of Oklahoma. Henry Moy, Director of the Museum of the Red River was there as well as Bill Mercer, noted anthropologist and curator. While he was at the Portland Art Museum as Curator of Native American Art, Bill wrote the stunning book "People of the River, Native Arts of the Oregon Territory".   

the theater beginning to fill up with Dane Pollei, Director and Chief Curator of the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in the foreground

more shots of Bob Demboski and Fran Hardy co-producers at the Q and A afterwards
(Question and Answer)

a short youtube by the museum of a very small portion of our Q and A

The museum printed out a 24 page booklet to accompany the premiere with information about all the places we visited and people we interviewed. It is important to us to get the word out about all these worthy causes, projects and preserves. We also want the individual to be inspired to realize that they can do something in their own sphere of influence to help support art, ecological sustainability and cultural preservation and how intertwined and intricate the web that binds them together is.

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People of the River is the first major publication to focus exclusively on the rich artistic traditions of the Native Americans who traditionally lived along the lower Columbia River from the mouth of the Snake River to the Pacific Ocean. In this richly illustrated volume, author Bill Mercer eloquently describes the Columbia River art style as an indigenous development that emerged over the course of countless generations and whose forms reveal a unique combination of designs, motifs, materials, and techniques. 

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